N o r n i x

About Nornix

NORNIX is a fast growing digital agency.

We provide digital content development services in a full service concept: 2D/3D design, mobile/web development and digital consulting and support.

We use strategy and design to connect brands and people through the things they like: products, services and experiences that support their lifestyle. Our work is driven by our mission, and our mission is to help clients to build relations with stakeholders.

We are partners to our clients we believe in. Great things come from working close together. So, our vision is establishing partners’ relations with our clients based on respect and trust.

We believe that digital contents represent the essence of contemporary business management. We strive to create simple, easily accessible and interactive products. In short, we build strong web and mobile applications with simple user experience.

Our Strength Lies in Our People

We use our personal experiences and interests to define our company values and offerings. Our team leaders listen to understand the clients’ business goals and the needs of their customers/audience. Our people has invested hours in researches, analysis and development to strive towards one thing – delivering results.

Our Process

We will guide you through all phases of the project lifecycle. The development process depends on your needs. Your schedule dictate our work pace. We start with conversation with you, getting familiarised with your business objectives, ideas and concepts in order to develop a perfect-fit product.

You will be included in whole development process. At the end, we will support you through personalised consultations and creative initiatives. So far, our transparency guide our clients back to us. They realised that we provide promised quality results and ROI in digital media. Want to be one of them?